Our Many Paths Home
Laurel Creek Community Art Project

Beginning in February 2022, we will design and create a piece of community art to welcome people into the Laurel Creek Leasing Office. A local artist will collaborate with Laurel Creek residents to create a design. That design will then be split into over a hundred smaller pieces which will be painted by residents over the course of several weeks or months. We will gather and install all of those pieces into one big piece of art. Our hope is to have an unveiling celebration for the community in late 2022 or early 2023. 

From the artist, Russell Freeland--

I have always liked personal stories as the driver for artistic ideas. With ‘Our Many Paths Home,’ I hope to gather personal symbols from Laurel Creek community members and work them into the mural on colored, curved paths moving into an image of the place they have come to live. 

I will give you an example from my life:
Despite often running out of money and having to eat beans and rice for the last week in many months, my mother would only ever allow real maple syrup and real butter in our house.
A meaningful lesson for me was that whatever situation one finds themselves in, there can be a proud commitment to an ideal even if it is impractical. I would apply this story by putting a small bottle of maple syrup on one of the paths as one of the personal symbols that sustains me.

If you live at Laurel Creek and would like to add a symbol to the design, click here!

Our Many Paths Home.jpg

This original design concept by Russell Freeland was selected by a group of residents & staff from Laurel Creek. In the final design, the images and words in each of the colored "paths" will be personal symbols chosen by Laurel Creek's residents. 

If you live at Laurel Creek and would like to add a symbol to the design, click here!

LC Lobby.jpg

Once the artwork is finished, it will be installed on this teal wall in the Laurel Creek leasing office. This is one of the first spaces new residents will see, and this art project will be there to welcome them to their new home.